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Poultry @ Primrose Bank

A large selection of pure bred bantams which have all been hatched here on the nursery.

Free range and naturally reared make them ideal birds for your garden, pets for yourselves or your children, and with the added benefit of an abundant supply of fresh eggs. Advice is always available for new and inexperienced prospective poultry keepers.

Hatching Eggs from all the below breeds are nearly always available for collection from the Nursery

The poultry section of the nursery is open all the year round, even when the nursery is closed, but please ring to arrange a visit before you travel.
Tel 07774 944447 or 01759 380220

The following breeds are usually available to purchase as point of lay pullets:
(Breeding Pairs and Trio’s are also available if you wish to hatch your own chicks)

BreedMore about the breed 
Black Orpington  
Black Silkie  
Buff Orpington  
Chocolate Orpington  
Gold Silkie  
Light Sussex  
Light Sussex x SilkieMakes excellent Broodies 
Partridge Silkie  
Partridge Wyandotte  
Silver Partridge Wyandotte  
Spangled Orpington  
Speckled Sussex  
White Silkie  
White Wyandotte  


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